Tree Facts

Trees Grow Healthy Communities

  • Trees remove CO2 from our air.
  • Trees produce the oxygen we breathe.
  • Trees filter harmful pollution (PM10) out of our air.
  • Tree roots filter rain water and control run-off.
  • The more green space in your community, the better the community’s health.
  • There is less violence from family conflicts when families can see trees & shrubs.
  • Patients in hospital rooms with views of trees heal faster.
  • Everybody who can see trees has less stress.

Tree Talk
  • Young trees with yellow, curling or brown-edged leaves are asking you for water.
  • Planting the right tree for your climate, soil, sun exposure and water supply is critical.
  • Young trees do NOT like weed whackers, blowers or mowers – stay away!
  • Mulch – about 3 or 4 inches deep – holds water and makes your trees healthier.
  • The best way to water a tree is with a soaker or a long-term trickle – your lawn sprinkler system doesn’t do the job.

It’s A Fact!
  • One average sized tree makes enough oxygen for a family of four for a whole year.
  • An acre of trees removes 2.6 tons of carbon dioxide from our air.
  • An acre of trees makes enough oxygen for 18 people for a year.
  • Shelter and shade from trees saves more than $2 billion in heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • Mature shade trees can make your house 20 degrees cooler in summertime.
  • Houses with mature trees in the front yard sell for more money than houses without trees.
  • Streets lined with trees are quieter – less traffic noise.
  • Vitamins, medicines and toothpaste all come from trees.
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