Corporate Sponsorships

Cause Related Marketing
  • Associate your company name with the California Urban Forests Council -- by sponsoring CaUFC events, programs and promotions - enhance your commitment to the local community.
Event Sponsorships
  • Sponsor an existing CaUFC project or help us with CaUFC promotions, which can raise your company's visibility.
  • Sponsored/Donated Advertising and Public Service Announcements
  • Donate a portion of your advertising schedule to CaUFC or provide funding from your marketing budget for sponsored placements or to create public service announcements.
Percent of Sales
  • Highlight your support for CaUFC by donating a percentage of your sales or for a store opening or company anniversary.
Underwrite Programs
  • Associate your brand name with ours by underwriting educational courses, program brochures, fliers, newsletters, the annual report - and receive community and customer exposure and possible training discounts for your employees.
Internet and WebLinks/Banner Support
  • Link your site with the CaUFC’s site and provide your clients with specific content pages related to your business or seasonal promotions

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