Help Your Trees Survive 
the Drought!

Great information about the state of the urban forest during California's drought: Recent presentations from industry experts!  What happens to trees during drought; addressing pests; tree care; irrigation modifications and more - click here!

9% - The California Drought
and Landscape Water Use

Don Hodel & Dennis Pittenger
UC Cooperative Extension 
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Insightful tree care tips - Click Here!

What happens to trees during a prolonged drought - you 'll want to know this! 
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The City of Santa Monica's "How to Help Urban Tree's Survive a Drought" handbook
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Water Use Classifications of Landscape Species - Click here!
Make the right choices BEFORE you plant to save water!

Understanding Soil Structure - so much to know but here's a crash course!  Click here!

Water Saving Tips!  Click Here!

Drought Solutions - SOS - Save Our Shade! 

Let's be water-wise and stand up for our community's trees!

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To learn about the new collaborative statewide
Save Our Water and Save Our Trees Campaign

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Mature Tree Care - click here
Young Tree Care - click here
Trees & Drought Information Flyer - click here
NEW! Check out the Watering Trees During Drought Videos
For both young and mature trees!