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California News - Local
+ PR Wire -
New Statewide Campaign Launches -- Encourages Californians To "Invest From The Ground Up"
+ All Voices - New Statewide Campaign Launches -- Encourages Californians To "Invest From The Ground Up"
+ National Association of State Forresters - California Urban Forests Council launches "Invest From the Ground Up" campaign
+ SF Flower & Garden Show
+ CaUFC launches Invest From the Ground Up campaign
+ Goleta City Council Approves Urban Forest Management Plan
+ Managing the Urban Forest (Palo Alto)
+ Working to Benefit the Urban Forest (Visalia)
Capitol Park Trees Commemorative Civil War (Sacramento)
+ Goleta Valley Beautiful Newsletter 
+ Berkeley to get a Little More Green 
+ Santa Monica Treesavers 
+ Redwoods Lose Protected Status in Danville 

California News - Statewide
+ CaUFC Announces New Video: "Investing From The Ground Up: Community Tree Success"
+ CaUFC Announces IFGU Tree Planting Program

+ CaUFC Announces 2012 California Urban Forestry Award Winners
+ TreePeople's Urban Forest Principles Guide Retrofit of LA
+ "Taking Out the Grass" (music video)
Study Links Wildfires in the Sierras to Climate Change
+ Predicting California's Wildfires 
+ The Gold-Spotted Oak Borer (and the impact on oaks in CA) (PDF)

National News
+ Vibrant Cities and Urban Forests Task Force Takes Shape
+ National Parks Good for Your Health
A Cautionary Tale of Trees for Arbor Day (video)
+ City Dweller Laments Loss of Urban Trees
+ Report to the Secretary of Agriculture on Catastrophic Storms and Urban Forests

International News
+ Learn about Carbon Projects Across the Globe

+ Could Cleaner Air Speed Up Global Warming?
+ The Ten Most Magnificent Trees in the World
+ Urban Trees Enhance Water Infiltration

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