ABAG's Drought-Wise, Green Infrastructure, Tree Care & Management Workshop, 7/9/15

Speaker's videoed
presentations here!

PowerPoint presentations and handouts
"The State of CA's Urban Forest" Jimi Scheid - CalFire
"Drought- Impacts on Tree Health & the Community" - Dan Carney, Marin Municipal Water District
"The Value of Trees in Green Infrastructure & Pest Management due to Drought" - Igor Lacon, UC Cooperative Extension
"Watering Trees During the Drought - Which Ones & When?" - Larry Costello, Oracle Oak, LLC
"Utilizing Recycled Water to Irrigate Bay Area Landscapes" - Nelda Matheny, Hortscience, Inc.
and handouts
"How to Retrofit Irrigation Systems from Lawns to Trees" - Tom Bressan, Urban Farmers

Learn more about trees and drought!


The Sacramento Regional Urban Forest Council's
"Learn at Lunch - Brown Bag Series" is approaching fast!
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What amazing stories & significant contributions to California!
The now completed 2016 Cal Fire Series:  

"Growing Investments in CA’s Urban Forests”

During the 1st quarter of 2016 we, and our regional councils from
across CA, are highlighting successful outcomes in programs and
projects funded through the Cal Fire Urban and Community
Forestry program.  We are doing this so other communities
and organizations can learn from their peers and then
determine if applying for future funding may benefit them.

Featuring regional presentations on successful partnerships, inventories,
management plans, tree planting projects,
mapping, heritage tree preservation, and information about the potential
next round of Cal Fire Urban Forestry Grants; and much more!

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The 2016 Cal Fire Series:  
"Growing Investments in CA’s Urban Forests”

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Green Infrastructure
Tree Care & Management Workshop
“Guidelines for Field Staff”

Join our industry experts for a half-day workshop addressing trees and drought including valuable information and methodologies for your City as priorities are being determined which will impact your communities for decades to come!

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Association of Bay Area Governments' Pooled Liability Assurance Network


Celebrating the Uniqueness & Utilization of California Urban Woods 
"From Urban Forest to Final Form"

Industry Leaders in Technology, Research, Design, Education, Woodworking, Mechanics, Best Practices & Funding 

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Palomar College
Cabinet & Furniture Technology Department
San Marcos, CA


Leveraging Your Urban Forest Inventory
In Local Government
Thursday, February 19, 2015
City Council Chambers, Walnut Creek, CA