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Society of American Foresters
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Certification is going National! 
There is a transition underway and the

California Certified Urban Forester Program
has a new home at the Society of American Foresters!

March 2014: Currently, SAF is redesigning the exam to reflect urban forestry on a national scope. There will  be a study guide for the exam.
SAF is starting the redesign in April 2014. It does take time to complete the changes and they are planning to have the exam in place in early 2015.  They anticipate the new application will be available later this year.

Those who are currently certified, feel free to contact me at CaUFC for more information, or reach out directly to SAF.  You should have received a letter in the mail earlier this year, if you have not let us know right away!  This will be a great growth process and will ultimately strengthen the industry and your certification status!  We are excited to remain a part of the transition and will support SAF toward great success!

Nancy Hughes - Executive Director

The History and Purpose of the Certified Urban Forester Program

The California Urban Forests Council’s Urban Forester Certification Program enhances the knowledge, education and status of urban forestry professionals. The program provides government, business and community organizations with the reliable assurance that CaUFC Certified Urban Foresters are fully qualified, thoroughly prepared and rigorously tested to deal with the challenges of urban forestry in California.

CaUFC is the nation’s oldest Urban Forests Council. With 40 years of experience in the development, promotion and preservation of urban forests, CaUFC is singularly qualified to provide the skill and training which are the foundation of stable, sustainable and successful urban forests.

CaUFC Certified Urban Foresters are trained and tested in every vital aspect of urban forestry management. Graduates of the program are fully certified to address tree selection, planting, maintenance, protection and preservation as well as urban landscape principles, air quality, wildfires, storm water run-off and wildlife and aquatic habitats. CaUFC certification insures mastery of these environmentally essential elements principles in the specific context of California’s uniquely diverse and demanding urban habitats.

The Program

The CaUFC Urban Forester Certification Program provides professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skills essential to the development, protection and preservation of urban forests:

  • Tree population & other types of flora and their interaction in the urban environment
  • Zoning and building codes and the processes of changing them
  • Architecture & engineering principles as well as development concepts with special emphasis on landscape architecture
  • The impact of urban forestry on wildfire and water issues
  • Federal, state and local environmental rules, regulations and laws
  • The role and utility of allied professionals
  • Respect for private property and the public process and the critical importance of effective communication skills
  • A holistic approach which incorporates people and natural systems into a cohesive, interrelated long-term decision-making process.

The CaUFC's Certified Urban Forester program recognizes and enhances the education, experience, and professional status of urban forestry professionals. Furthermore, the program provides agencies, organizations, and companies seeking urban forestry services a benchmark for identifying qualified professionals.

The Certified Urban Forester Program grants certification to individuals who meet both educational and professional prerequisites as well as pass a written exam.

The requirements for the Certified Urban Forester credential are commensurate with the knowledge, skills, and experience called for in the professional practice of urban forestry. This credential is designed to recognize urban forestry professionals qualified at the Advanced or Expert-level of practice, NOT individuals entering the field or practicing at the mid-level.

For a glimpse into the future direction of the program, read our vision statement.

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